How Being Bullied in Your Early Years Affects the Rest of Your Life

Researchers from Britain are finding out that kids who were bullied in there pre-teen years are more likely to have hallucinations and psychotic symptoms as they grow up. Children bullied at the ages if 8 and 10, which is about 46% of children, are twice as likely to have mental problems. Being bullied at a young age has more of a long-term affect on the child. Bullying is a horrible issue that has become more common during the years. Bullying is one of the major forms of abuse and for kids in junior high and high school it’s part of their daily life. This issue is often ignored which could cause depression in kids. The bullies usually have insecurity problems or issues at home and they take it out on others around them. But some bullies just do it to fit in. Bullying is bad and if you see signs of your child or friend being bullied, talk to someone. It always helps to get others involved to help. No child deserves to be picked on by another child. 

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